• Leeftijd: 47
  • Geslacht: vrouw
  • Afkomst: europees
  • Figuur: XL
  • Haar: blond

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Face only in VIP, tying too, in PRV I talk and the maximum you see is my cleavage. 14+ years of domineering, a findomme, disciplinarian & sadistic homewrecker, love being amused c2c by somebody hot too, a mesmerising hypno-mistress, pets tamer, sissies owner, a forced bisexuality couch. I specialise in kinks and am an expert in fetishes, knowing every single one through and through, like the back of my hand, welcome to the dark side, join my "work hard-play hard" crew of fantastic kind of kinksters! Ensure you have a headset to use my audio. My rules are straightforward: No nudity at all, no matter where- PRV or VIP and how much you tip. Private chat: I do not take requests, have no dirty talk, and have no hardcore c2c. Here you may introduce yourself. I prepare you for a session, and we discuss toys, props to play with etc. Do not expect me to type you back for 22 pennies/minute with my long claws. I use my microphone and do not expect me to show you my face if I don’t want to (sometimes I don’t). Also, you may ask me questions, but I ban those who try to squeeze the soul out of me like that,chatting me up for more than 15 minutes just out of boredom. VIP: we have a full vetting interview or an entire typical  BDSM session. Any hardcore on your side is all right. If you are a good boy, maybe I even let you worship my body and show you my  outfit but do not expect me to amuse you like that from the very first seconds, 88 pens per min  I am getting in VIP is still charity, absolutely ridiculous. + I have a deal only with well-mannered, well-bred gentlemen. If anything makes me slightly uncomfortable, I ban this individual +I do not play this” I ruin your life, pathetic worm, down to the fucking core” since I prefer having money given to me with pleasure, easily. Only this form of findom pleases me. XXX Namaste
+/- afternoon, evening, a bit of morning, may be till 10:00 GMT, I have a legit work to do and Uni stuff to deal with at the same computer so I am pretty much online daily, my fav sessions occur close to the morning with wasted sluts
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Mistress Knows How His Cock Twitches Every Time He Pushes The Button "Send", and This Desire To Send is Like feeling My Fist Around His Neck, isn't It? An impressive,royal-generous tip can be a seriously pussy-wetting, trance-causing experience
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please, do not lick your lips on camera, this is gross even if he looks like Jaydanarmour lol, also I absolutely hate shaven male's pubic, trimmed it's a way better.+ I do not jump through hoops, obviously

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